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  • Exhibition Name: Han Yuchen oil painting and Western oil painting exhibition
  • Exhibition Time : 2017-12-09 TO 2018-01-04
  • Exhibition City : Beijing
  • Exhibition Mechanism : National Museum of China
  • Exhibition Address : Galleries N2 & 3
  • Host Unit : Chinese National Academy of Arts, National Museum of China, Hebei Province Federation of Literary and Art Circles
  • Co-organizer :
Exhibition Introduction

  Han Yuchen, was born in 1954 in Jilin, Jilin Province. He learned from Professors Li Hua, Su Gaoli and Liang Yulong of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the famous artist Zhang Wenxin from 1972. After he started to operate an enterprise in 1987, he has been persevering in artistic creation. He was deputy to the 10th, 11th and 12th National People’s Congresses, and is Member of the Chinese Artists Association, specially-appointed Researcher of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, Honorary Professor of the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Russia and Chairman of Handan Sunshine Group.

  Tibet is Han’s favorite topic for oil paintings. He has created a large number of works on Tibet by taking great pains to walk along routes of Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet and Xinjiang-Tibet, ascending the plateau, living in tents, staying with Tibetan families and visiting pastures. His works present the unique outlooks of Tibetans under sunshine from multiple perspectives. His work “Brother and Sister” was selected by the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition, and his “Holy Lake Sangzhu” and “Morning Glory” participated in the Exhibition on 100 Years’ Oil Paintings in China. The first part of this exhibition consists of Han Yuchen’s oil paintings.

The second part presents nearly 100 European oil paintings collected by Han, including precious works of the Barbizon School of France, including artists Corot, Rousseau, Diaz and Daubigny as well as realistic painters Daumier and Lhermitte. The German artist Kampf’s “Empty Pockets” and the Belgium artist Michelle’s “Rest” are also valuable masterpieces. This exhibition will offer the audience a good opportunity to closely appreciate oil painting art of Europe in the 19th century.